Claustrophobia (part 4)

Pieces of her memory slowly returned to her. She remembered flying, or at least feeling like she was flying. She was moving yet she did not touch the ground. Her legs and arms were up and she remembered the feeling of the air running across her face. But she was too drunk to actually understand anything and eventually passed out again.

They carried her to the back of the house. That’s where they knew the family living there was trying to build some sort of cellar. Perhaps a wine cellar or just something to store things away. But they never finished it. It was just a hole in the ground long forgotten and unseen. They were three stupid and drunk men. At first they were thinking to just put her there and throw some dirt on her but one of them had the wonderful idea to use a wooden toolshed as a coffin. They put her in, barely managing to fit her in the small box, bolted the door in “to feel more realistic” then put her down in the hole and covered her with dirt. Of course, at the time it was meant as a joke. A silly joke that they could all laugh about next day. They spent a few minutes by the hole, laughing and trying to see if they can hear her crying in there. But she was sound asleep and she wouldn’t wake up until a few hours after. So they got bored and decided to go back to the house and drink more. And so they did. And none of them realized when the police got there. They spent the next two days hangover in a cell. Since they had been so intoxicated none of them ever remembered the poor girl they left buried alive. But she eventually remembered them…

As she stood there in her thick darkness, covered by nothing but silence the realization of death grew closer and closer. Her senses heightened more and more and her fear brought back the memories of her last day. She now knew how she got there and all she could do was hope they will come back until her air will run out. She pleaded, she begged, she hoped and she waited.

Her breath grew slower and slower. Her chest was moving less and less. The air was leaving her lungs in short breaths, and her lungs were trying so hard to gasp for even more air when she was inhaling. But that was impossible. The lack of oxygen was starting to make her dizzy. Not the kind of dizziness she was used too, the one after a night out. No, this was different. This was the kind of dizzy you never want to experience. The kind that not just makes the Earth move. The kind of dizziness that makes you move the Earth.

She felt a chill. She drew a breath but she no longer exhaled. Her chest slowly lost its air and everything around her just went still. She drew her last breath and she could feel the pain of her soul leaving her body. She was dead. Because of a stupid prank, because of some stupid men, because of her own stupidity. She died and she accomplished nothing in life.

The pain was unbearable, it felt like someone was trying to rip her nail out but this time her soul was the nail being ripped out. At first it was hard to understand.  She could see her coffin, she could see herself dead inside her coffin. She was floating above the Earth, yet she could see clearly through the dirt that was covering her. It was a weird experience. And she had no control over it. She could only watch her motionless body, her expressionless face, her body which looked like a wax doll just sitting there.

She felt strange. Light. Pure. Alive. She knew that she was dead, she could feel and realize that she was dead yet somehow she felt alive. More so than ever. It was a nice feeling yet so strange, so bizarre.

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