Back to back

Some will only see you,
Others will only see me.
I can’t only see you.
You can’t only see me.
We both live on our dangerous cliffs
So far away from others…
The fear alone
Drives them away.
You only see the Moon,
I only see the Sun.
You only miss the Sun,
I only miss the Moon.
We sit alone on these steep cliffs
But back to back, since we’re naive
We dream about our chosen one
But dare not turn our heads around.
How are you?
Where are you?
How am I?
Where am I?
Days will pass and blood will boil
Dreams will come and bring turmoil,
Hands will reach towards the void,
Hearts will shatter, be destroyed.
All it takes is just some courage
To stand up and turn around
See the looks on our faces
And leave all our pain break down.
Back to back
We dream together
We raise our hands
And wish and pray…
But back to back
We’re not together
And our prayers meet no end.
We’re just strangers looking forward
Hoping for a better day
When instead of just one sky
We could both see the Sun rise
And the stars around the Moon.

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