Pure beauty, incredible feeling

You can’t move your eyes to look away

Your heart starts pounding

Your soul is filled with joy.

Morning dew on summer leaves

Marshmallow clouds across the sky

A little bee dancing around

The multitude of colors.

A lady bug’s black spots

On the cherry’s pink flowers

A dandelion blow away

Kissing the wind.

As soon as your eyes are set to it

There’s nothing you can do

Trapped inside your mind and body

You keep staring, keep forgetting

Your life, or sorrow, even your name

Cause pure beauty is compelling.

Rainbows dancing in the warm air

A gentle breeze singing its song

You feel the raindrops on your face

And long for a pure beauty’s embrace.

A paper airplane above your head

She smiles as she turns to you

You stare, as it just hits you

You’re so in love and nothing really matters

As long as your gentle eyes

Keep looking into hers

Your dreams are filled now with color

Your world no longer black and gray.

Pure beauty, it’s not fair…

So easily you take away

My heart.




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