When you think about the night, its darkness, does it scare you?

Or does it make your heart feel tight, like a love that you once knew?

The night has morbid silence, yet somehow it is loud

A weird maintained balance inside its darkness shroud.

Tell me, are you afraid?

Of being on your own, of hearing your own heartbeat, of seeing your tombstone?

You wish upon the Moon to let you live once more

To bust this coffin’s core like it was a balloon.

I guess what scares you most is not the dark around you

It’s that there’s no one close, no one for you to go too.

Fear not, cause loneliness won’t kill you, not you, child of the night,

Your soul will break through this loneliness, this blight.

Lay down back in your grave, keep staring at the Moon

Look at the stars, be brave soon it shall be high noon.

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