She has these superpowers, but not like in the comics
She doesn’t have to fly, or be full of bionics
Her superpowers are much closer to the Earth
More real, more human, more truer to her worth.

Her heart is not of iron, nor any precious metal
Instead it’s made of kindness, and she will never settle
For anything that’s wrong, or hurtful to her friends,
And anytime she’s wrong, you know she’ll make amends.

Her eyes will not shoot lasers, nor see through cement walls
Instead will see your sadness, and see when your soul calls
For help, for love, or friendship, for basic human touch
They’ll see through all your problems and they will never judge.

Her voice will not send soundwaves, nor burst your eardrums
Instead will teach you gently, or scold you, if it must,
With patience and calm, she’ll guide you on your way
Her voice will soothe your sorrows, make sure you never stray.

Her hands will never freeze you, nor shoot out bolts of fire
Instead they’ll hold you closely, when everything seems dire
Softly and with care, they’ll brush against your face
They’ll make sure you’re happy, that you have found your place.

She is my superhero, but not like in the movies
She fills my life with joy, and happiness, and beauty,
She is a superhero, except that she is real
She has all that I am, and everything I feel.

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