I did not know how to lock you in
Make you mine and make me yours.
I loved you, but I failed at that
And you slipped through my fingers.

When you left I didn’t know
What happened, or what was wrong.
You were out so quickly
And with no explanation.

It took me time to realize
That just loving you wasn’t enough.
I failed to understand your ways
I failed to show you mine.

It hurt, and sometimes it still does
But in the end I think you did the best
The best you could for you
And for your own happiness.

I wonder now from time to time
If you found it. If you found him.
A better man, a greater love,
And everything I was not.

I hope you did, with all my heart
Because my love was true.
I never wanted you to leave
But if you did, be happy.

I sometimes wish we could still talk
At least small pleasantries
Because our love was real
And forgetting eachother hurt.

But somewhere in this world
You’re probably happier
Even if the world is gray
I hope you have all the colors.

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