Surrounded by people, you live for the crowd, You're happy and funny and eager and loud, They love you and hug you and scream out your name, Inside you there's nothing, yet who should you blame? You're lucky these people can't look at your soul, Its darkness, its taint, its color of coal, A lonely... Continue Reading →


When you think about the night, its darkness, does it scare you? Or does it make your heart feel tight, like a love that you once knew? The night has morbid silence, yet somehow it is loud A weird maintained balance inside its darkness shroud. Tell me, are you afraid? Of being on your own,... Continue Reading →

Don’t wake me up

I’m no longer living, just letting the time pass by This place is lonely, grey and silent What once I called home Is now just space, that’s empty without you. I’m scared; please don’t let me wake up. My walls are staring back at me, and feeling pity On this broken person that’s standing before... Continue Reading →

Claustrophobia (part 4)

Pieces of her memory slowly returned to her. She remembered flying, or at least feeling like she was flying. She was moving yet she did not touch the ground. Her legs and arms were up and she remembered the feeling of the air running across her face. But she was too drunk to actually understand... Continue Reading →

Claustrophobia (part 3)

Human perception can be easily deceived. If there is blood running down your hands and you can’t see around you in the darkness can you say for sure that it’s blood running down instead of water? Or sweat? Can you say for sure that the blood running down your hands is red, without being able... Continue Reading →


Pieces of sand, blown by the wind Leaves turned red, by autumn’s breath Dark as the night, cold as the snow Pieces of sand, my heart has gone A looming darkness has appeared To take away all I hold dear To ravage my soul, my mind, my life To break me into grains of sand... Continue Reading →

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